07 May 2020

Photo by: Sunday Express

As a player, Makabo Kepa played for a number of the big teams in Lesotho, played in South Africa and was an integral part of the national team. Despite only retiring last season to take up the role of Assistant Coach of Kick4Life Ladies FC, she has already obtained a CAF ‘C’ License, coaching as part of the national teams set up in the women’s under 20 and under 17 teams, has trained as a Coaching instructor and attended instructors courses in Cameroon and South Africa.

The highly rated Coach is this week’s guest for Coaches Corner.


Women’s Super League Media (WSL): Please introduce yourself

Makabo Kepa (MK):  My name is Makobo Kepa and I am Assistant Coach of Kick4Life Women’s Football Club

WSL: How did you get involved in women’s football?

MK:  I played for Arsenal, Khutsa, Maseru Celtic, Vosloo All Stars (South Africa), Rovers and Kick4Life

WSL: What is your favourite game you have been involved with in football?

MK: My favourite game was playing for national team against Namibia in the 2017 COSAFA Women’s Championship where Mehalalitoe won 2-1 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

WSL: What are your ambitions as a Coach?

MK: I would like to win silverware and develop players that can compete either in Lesotho or abroad.

WSL: How do you feel football can help empower women?

MK: Football is a male dominated sport and our parents don’t really understand why women should play it and we also live in a patriarchal society where men hold power over everything. However, playing football teaches women to take responsibility and make decisions that benefit everyone. So playing football helps women to stand up for themselves than always being told what to do and what is right and what is not.

WSL: What would your advice be for young girls who want to play football?

MK: They should come in numbers and play football because there are now many opportunities than there were in the past. For instance, there’s great support from media and through the coverage, many people now have the knowledge of women’s football so they can get scholarships to study and play football abroad.