15 May 2020


15 May 2020

In this week’s Coaches Corner interview we caught up with Basetsana United’s Lerato Potsane.


WSL Media (WSL): Please introduce yourself

Lerato Potsane (LP): I am Lerato Potsane, currently coaching Basetsana United Football Club

WSL: How did you get involved in women’s football?

LP: At high school level majority of boys used to criticise ladies who are playing soccer so I decided to support them.

WSL: What has been your biggest achievement so far in women’s football?

LP: Basetsana is the team that can compete now with the likes of Kick4life, LDF. For me that is an achievement as those team used to beat us with big margin of goals.

WSL: What are the biggest challenges in women’s football in Lesotho?

LP: I have to dig down in my own pocket for food, transport to the training. Funds for women’s team is one of the biggest challenges.

WSL: How much improvement has there been in women’s football in Lesotho since the inception of the WSL?

LP: There have been big improvements in some of the teams such as the likes of FC Stoko and Rovers which is encouraging.

WSL: What are your hopes for the future of women’s football in Lesotho?

LP: I would like to see sponsors come on board and help the teams so teams can raise money for themselves.

WSL: What would your advice be for young girls who want to play football?

LP: Young girls should be well disciplined both on field and off field and work very hard to achieve their goals